October 19 and November 9, 2015 Onsigners Crew

Unlad PDOS

Today October 14, 2015 was the PDOS of Onsigners crew of UNLAD Shipping to join vessels in Lafayette, Louisiana,USA on October 19, 2015. They are the following:

1. GH Romulus Ailes
2. GH Raymond Bangate
3. GH Mark Anthony Brizo
4. GH Rodolfo Brocales Jr.
5. GH Samuel Shane Del Valle Jr.
6. GH Jose Carlo Llorin
7. GH Reymar Lopez
8. GH Emmanuel Paguirigan

9. GH Criz Rearte
10. GH Miguel Recoco Jr.
11. GH Jose Rivera Jr.
12. GH Emmanuel Salgado Jr.
13. GH Randy Saludes
14. GH Alvin Umali
15. GH Rodel Viray

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